2004 VIP/PRESS kit Coca Cola Light Daniel Ost "Flower to the People" 2 bottle set from Belgium. Kit comes with a CD, 9 info sheets (3 printed in English, 3 in French, 3 in Dutch and 20 empty stationery sheets. Glass wrapped 200ml(approx. 6 1/2 oz) bottles with crown cap.

Some info on Daniel Ost : Daniel Ost (1955 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) is an artist known for his work with plants; CBS News has described him as "the world's leading flower designer. He is the world’s foremost floral designer and sculptor. Daniel has the unique ability to envision life through flowers and creates absolute beauty through his passion and art. He has fashioned his own world of astonishing floral designs, which have earned him a devoted international clientele. Many of Ost's best creations are included in the books “Leafing Through Flowers” (Callaway Editions, 2000) and “Invitations” (Lannoo, 2002). This modern-day Belgian has inverted the old masters’ logic. These arrangements seem impossible, and yet they actually did exist. Daniel Ost is more famous in Japan than anywhere else in the world, as Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, is a well-established art form there. Still, he hasn't been ignored by his countrymen. Within five years of opening his shop in Sint-Niklaas in 1985, he was receiving orders from the Belgian Royal Family, in 2005 he opened his second shop in Brussels and it has received wide critical acclaim and has been highly successful. His artistry is in demand by royalty, celebrities, and corporations and his installations, which last only a few days, are extremely costly, but the artistic value is absolutely priceless. To experience the Floral World according to Daniel Ost is like stepping into another world highlighted by the finest colors, designs and floral smells. Over the past 30 years Daniel Ost has cemented his reputation as being the maestro in creating simple elegance and is in demand on the lecture circuit throughout the world to share and show his floral vision