Coca-Cola 可口可乐 Glass Bottle 192ml Shanghai China 2004

Chinese version logo should implement the continuity of VI concept and present new features while maintaining the brand's original image. That means the logo should not only represent the Chinese characteristics but also has correspondence with the existing visual identity system of coca-cola. Most important thing is Chinese logo must express the key values of the brand also.

First of all, the Chinese name of coca-cola: ke kou ke le

The approach of choosing Chinese name for coca-cola is the nearest pronunciation of English. Moreover the four characters have their own meanings which totally express the concept that coca-cola wants to spread.

可Ke: means permission, can, may.(Same pronunciation with “co”)

口Kou: means mouth(same pronunciation with “ca”)

可Ke: means permission, can, may (same pronunciation with “co”)

乐le: means happiness(same pronunciation with “la”)

The combination of the former two characters mean can eat, good to eat. The later two characters mean can be happy. So the Chinese name of coca-cola means delicious and happy. It is this name that is recognized as one of the most beautiful translation and brings luck and popularity to coca-cola.

Secondly, Coca-Cola Chinese logo design adopts a white on red, which is the most prominent feature of Coca-Cola and also Coincides with traditional Chinese festival colour: red. In china, red has special meanings to Chinese people. It is a traditional popular festival colour which reflects happiness, prosperity,luck, celebration and the spiritual and material pursuits of Chinese people. Whether it was a stroke of luck, the red of coca-cola brings Chinese people familiarity and joyousness. At the same time, using the new Spencerian-style of Chinese typeface emphasized the lucidity of the logo and got perfect combination with its counterpart English version, to convey a contemporary look. Coca-Cola Chinese logo design continues applying wavy ribbon patterns which express the brand value of the company: Infinite possibilities, dynamism and vitality. Even though the Chinese characters are completely different from the English letters, both versions of the trademark today have a very similar and familiar appearance. From visual unity, customers can feel the integration of western and Chinese cultures directly.