Coca-Cola New Thailand Logo ACL Glass Bottle 250ml 2009


Coca-Cola Thailand used โคคา-โคลา on their bottles in the beginning . All their prints and ACL used the script. They enjoyed a large portion of the Thai market share in the soft drink business. Then the early 80s'', Pxpsi had a massive marketing on the Pxpsi brand with Taste the Difference and in Thailand the word Pxpsi in the Thai market. The word ,โคคา-โคลา, or Coca-Cola is very long and Pxpsi took the opportunity to tell consumer why need to order a drink with a long word, Coca-Cola, when you can order a drink with a shorter word like Pxpsi. With that the market share of Coca-Cola drink in Thailand dropped a lot. Pepsi took the lead for several years in Thailand in the soft drink business.

Then Coca-Cola Thailand did a change in their marketing and change all ACL to Coke โคก .Its shorter then the word Pxpsi and easier for consumer to call out for a drink. With that, Coca-cola Thai was able to capture back the lead in the soft drink market. All the bottles with the word โคคา-โคลา were destroy and were not recycled. Till today the work Coke or โคก are still used in their advertising and bottles.

"In the consumption of soft drinks from The Coca-Cola Company. Thailand's annual per capita consumption of 44 Company products is halfway between India's ) and Great' Britian's 89, a clear reflection of ample growth potential. In fact, the entire Pacific Rim, with a per capita consumption of 18, offers tremendous growth opportunities. This bottle from Thailand, like the two others you've received, highlights the strength of The Coca-Cola Company as a global growth opportunity.